Spokane Felts Field

With excellent performance and advanced avionics, the Quest Kodiak is the next-generation aircraft for back-country flying. When missionary and humanitarian aviators need Kodiak training, they come to Spokane Turbine Center at Felts Field. Professional Kodiak training at Spokane Turbine Center involves high-tech tools like flight simulation, hands-on engine labs, glass-cockpit instruction, and actual flight time in the first production Kodiak. In fact, the only existing full-motion Kodiak simulator is located at Spokane Turbine Center. 

The heart of Spokane Turbine Center is equipping organizations to safely and economically use mission aviation.  With effective flight and maintenance practices, more people can be effectively served. Individuals trained at Spokane Turbine Center will use the Kodiak to fly missions such as medical evacuations, disaster relief, logistic support, and many other tasks.  

Spokane Turbine Center also provides commercial Kodiak familiarization courses to non-missionary customers through Parkwater Aviation. Parkwater has trained Kodiak operators from countries throughout the world.

Visit www.spokaneturbinecenter.org and learn how Felts Field is impacting the globe through Spokane Turbine Center.